Inter Milan – Chievo Verona 5:0

Italian Serie A changes the leader, although it has only one point. Inter Milan had a clear 5: 0 lead in home with Chietim in Verona and showed how much he had grown since last season. An unambiguous outcome supported by a very successful game play was supported by the author of three goals, Croatian Ivan Perišić.

Inter Milan, in front of his own fans, knew he would be on the first place in the event of a victory. Coach Spalletti did not want to leave anything to chance and Energybet built on his proven players, including Captain Mauro Icardi, Perišić, Candreva, Škriniar, Handanovič or Valero. Even Chievo does not change its support too much, so San Siru from the first minutes ran out on the lawn of Sorrentino, Ingles, Birsa or Gamberini with Dainelli.

Nerazzurri have consistently shown that this season they have to count on the top rungs. Great results also highlight a very robust defense and productive attack, which ultimately brings together a very dangerous team. His first chance was to put D’Ambrosio up Energybet down the middle, but his shot from the right glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net.

The clear dominance of home players was sometimes disturbed by a cool combination or a quick counterattack by the guests, but it was not a lasting condition. Prim played Inter. But he had to watch out for the opponent’s offensive occasions, as in the twelfth minute. Experienced striker Riccardo Meggiorini was a long-awaited blow, and this unpleasant change of direction had made Handanovich an attentive reaction.

Ivan Perišić was very active in the game, and a feature of which he was able to make the score. Nerazzurri did not miss the corner kick, but a few minutes later the Energybet score changed. Davide Santon was in the right place and tipped the ball to a corner. Unfortunately, Stefano Sorrentino made a superb strike down the left, but Ivan Perišić just was not able to finish when receiving a pass from the right hand side of the penalty area.

A few minutes later, Mauro Icardi got a defensive response to the ball and was still recording João Maria, who faced Sorrentino in the face. Ten minutes before the end of the first half, Captain Icardi was also successful. Mussi Volanti sank in defense, Marcelo Brozović attacked the just Argentinian and attacked goalkeeper and goalkeeper Sorrentin with a Energybet shot at the back pole – 2: 0.

Also after the change of sides, the two teams tried to show interesting football to the audience. Chievo had no weapons, though the missile of Bastien and then Meggiorini was not the most accurate. Inter continued to dominate and used Chieva’s attack. The guests were quite often mistaken and Ivan Perišić took advantage of such losses. He made his way through the field, speeding to the goal, and ended the action with a shot!