Dortmund withdrew the two-man man, Darid helped Freiburg to the point

Leverkusen and Hannover have managed to score behind Leverkusen and Hannover with Leverkusen and Hannover. Leverkusen and Hannover have scored points behind Bayern Munich. Dortmund entered the Champions League with a 2-0 victory over Arsenal 2 weeks ago, but he has not more events on one ticket won the Bundesliga since. After the 0: 2 lead in Mainz, Dave Didavi’s VfB scored two goalkeepers today, and he was able to catch up with Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang and Cira Immobile. Leverkusen moved the second goal with the only goal of the match Augsburger Son Hung-min.The score behind Bayer is behind the third Hannover, which also 1-0 thanks to Joselua midfielder on his Cologne course.

The last Hamburg is waiting for the win, which in the goal with Jaroslav Drobny Did not tie for Bayern and defeated Mönchengladbach. The Czech goalkeeper defeated Max Kruse’s only goal of playing with his first shot at the pole. Retriever of the defeated team Petr Jiráček remained on the bench.

The Paderborn newcomer came to Bayern for unbeatability Bayern sent Mario Götze to the lead of Thomas Müller in eight minutes.Another hit in the Paderborn network, which had only doubled in the four rounds so far and scored eight points, added Dortmund’s summer support to Robert Lewandowski. On the other hand, Algerian Idir Uali had the biggest chance, but Manuela’s goalkeepers Neuera did not use it. On the other hand, the 78th minute highlighted the lead of Bayern close to Götz and the score was special betting voucher  closed by Müller.

Freiburg with Darida and defender Pavel Krmaš Washes the lead. In Hoffenheim led 2: 0 and then 3: 2, when the penalty penalty with the prospect scored a Czech midfielder.

Shortly afterwards, the former Pilsen player tried to take the ball over his head and hit the kicker in the face of Kevin Volland.Ten minutes before the end, Darida was eliminated and the home team was able to make the most of the power when Jannik Vestergaard set it up.

The first league victory was online football betting played by Schalke, who won in Bremen 3: 0. The attacker Václav Kadlec spent the match with Frankfurtu on the bench. Eintracht was able to reach a double-handed manko and beat the 2: 2 draw.

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