The best start from the championship. Can Slavia think of the title?

The victory over Liberec (1: 0), or a participant of the European Championship, Leagues.

Prevailing and winning a derby over Sparta (2: 0).

with Hradec Kralove (3: 0).

And so far the best performance in the middle of Brno (4: 1). a cross with four-point loss to Mladá bookmaker bonus Boleslav and a two-point man in Pilsen. Before Zlín, thanks to a better score, Sparta has a two-point lead.The question is offered – can the team think about the title even?

“It’s nice, but until the end of the season it turns out if it will last and we can do it in our heads because Slavia has not played for a long time partitions. But we have experienced players and we young people want to fight it, so I believe it will continue, “said the midfielder Antonín Barák.” And added: “The title? I would have liked it. Of course they are strong words, but why worry about it and try not to. We have a form, and if we keep it, we have a chance to play it. ”

A look into history shows that Slavia experienced such entry into the season for the last time in the 2008/2009 and 2007/2008 championships.True, then in each case, after ten rounds, it was even four more points, but in the following seasons, on the contrary, occasionally it was just mobile betting about 10-point border.

Five matches won the Vrchovský team last for the 2008/2009 season . Then he won seven even in the autumn and headed for the title. By the way, now he has a point average of 2.1 points per match. This is more than a total of two previous championship seasons (2.07 and 2.0).

“We still have a long way to think higher. But if this is going to continue, we have to count on it, “said coach Jaroslav Šilhavý. “I wish that this continued to continue. We reached almost the tip of the tip. Still, we are at the beginning of the journey.The results are great, we’re probably going in the right direction. “